Cake Pops:

Need a different design/ character.... just ask

Basic (1 color plain) 18.00 Doz.

More than 1 color/ sprinkles / stripes/ swirls - 21.00 Doz.

Animal Print / 24.00 Doz.

Mickey or Minnie (standard) 24.00Doz.

Hello Kitty / 27.00 Doz.

Sonic / 35.00 Doz.

Sponge Bob / 42.00 Doz.

Ninja Turtles / 27.00 Doz.

Angry Birds / 27.00 Doz.

Yellow / Purple Minions / 34.50 Doz.

Nemo or Finding Dory / 55.00 Doz.

Shopkins / 60.00 Doz.

Spider-Man / 27.00 Doz.

Doc McStuffins / 42.00 Doz.

Toy Story Theme / 45..00 Doz.

Solar System Theme / 26.00 Doz.

Moana Theme / 30.00 Doz.


Custom Cake Pricing : Determined by Size , Design , Filling and Complexity of design



Reg. Sized w/ buttercream

(Includes sprinkles and sanding sugars)

Minimum order is Two dozen - $18.00 a Dozen

*Fondant toppers are an extra cost (price determined by detail of topper)

*** Additional charges may apply for multiple flavors in one order.

Mini Sized Cupcakes

$9.00 per Dozen with a Minimum order of 4 dozen for $18.00

*Fondant toppers are an extra cost (price determined by details of topper)

*** Additional charges may apply for multiple flavors in one order.

Push up Pops :

$26.00 a Doz.

Cupcake Bouquets: Starting at

$25.00 for (6)

 $ 40.00 for (12)


Edible Cup Cake

9 oz - $6..00

12 oz - $8.00

Sold by the Doz. 

These will be layered with cake and fillings 

Red velvet - Cream Cheese Icing,Whipped vanilla  Buttercream and or Chocolate Frosting 

Vanilla - w/ mascarpone Cheese & Strawberry filling or Pastry Cream 

Chocolate w/ Peanut Butter Icing, Chocolate Mousse, Whipped vanilla  Buttercream and or Chocolate Frosting 

Variety of Toppings available ..... just ask!



Minimum order of 1 Doz.

Sugar Cookies with designs $1.00 - $6.75 Ea. (Depends on design and size)

Chocolate Chip - 12.00 Doz.

Recess pieces - 15.00 Doz.

M&M's - 15.00 Doz.

Biscotti - 12.00 Doz. /  15.00 Doz. with nuts or choc. chips

Polvorones / Mantecaditos 9.00 Doz.



Cinnamon Rolls 3.50 Ea. (Sold by ½ or full Doz.)

Quesitos 1.50 Ea. (Sold by ½ or full Doz.)

Mini Fruit Tart 27.00 Doz. (w/seasonal fruit) 

Small Fruit Tart 4.50 Ea. (Sold by ½ or full Doz.) (W/seasonal fruit) 

Guava Pastry 1.75 Ea.  (Sold by ½ or full Doz.)

Guava Pastry w/ Cream Cheese 2.00 Ea. (sold by ½ or full Doz.)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - 18.00 Doz.

Chocolate Covered strawberries with metallic colors / sprinkles / or simple design - 22.82 Doz.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries with coconut flakes, caramel, nuts or candy toppings - 26.50 Doz.

Custom Rice Crispy Treats – Price varies depending on design

Chocolate Covered Pretzels / Rods Simple choc. Design or Sprinkles – 7.50 Doz.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels / Rods with coconut flakes, caramel, nuts or candy toppings – 18.00 Doz.

Chocolate Covered Oreos – Simple design / decoration 18.00 Doz.

Character / Themed Chocolate covered Oreos - Price varies depending on design


Candy Apples

Add any or as many extras as you'd like to your apples 


Sm. $3.00    Lrg. $4.00ea Apples

.75 Flavor

.75 Bling Stick or Decorative Straw 

.50 Ribbon Bow

1.00 fondant details/cutouts

3.00 (Starting Price) fondant Baby Topper 

1.75 decorative character(non edible,Decorative, Goes on the stick) 

1.00 Edible Image ( coming soon)

.75 Candy Popcorn

.75 Cotton Candy

2.00  Tiara or Crown Fondant Topper

Themed Apples Start at 5.00 ea.

1.00 to box individually 


                Gourmet Apples :


5.00Dipped in Chocolate or dipped in Caramel and drizzled 

.75Bling Stick or Decorative Straw 

2.00Covered in nuts

1.00    Covered in Candy



Please be advised; Disco,Luster dusts and certain glitter like products are not considered food or edible by the FDA but are Labeled as Non toxic. If you insist on using theses on your treats you will be ask to sign a waiver.  I do offer Edible versions of these when I have on hand or I will purchase them when needed for your order.